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6session, an IPv6 technical blog devoted to sharing practical implementation experiences, case studies and best practices.  Share your IPv6 experience and collaborate with others at:



IPv6 Articles

DoD Updates IPv6 Standards Profile

By Dan Campbell, 8/24/09


ARIN again warns of IPv4 address depletion, encourages IPv6 adoption

By Dan Campbell, 4/30/09


NIST seeks comments on IPv6 testing guidelines

By Dan Campbell, 3/31/09


DISA certifies DNSsec IPv6 appliance

By Dan Campbell, 1/15/09


USPS to deploy IPv6-capable video surveillance

By Dan Campbell, 9/19/08


IPv6 gets a workout at Olympics

By Dan Campbell, 8/20/08


Defense Department demonstrates compliance with OMB IPv6 mandate

By Dan Campbell, 6/09/08


Gradual move to IPv6 makes time to address security threats

By Dan Campbell, 6/03/08


NSA Seeks Feedback on IPv6 Security Recommendations

By Dan Campbell, 4/28/08


CAIDA and ARIN Release IPv6 Survey

By Dan Campbell, 4/13/08


Cisco Speaks at FOSE on IPv6 Enterprise Architecture Transition

By Dan Campbell, 4/4/08


A key to IPv6 transition

By Dan Campbell, 4/2/08


Surge in federal IPv6 addresses

By Dan Campbell, 4/2/08


NIST unveils tool to foil attacks via DNS

By Dan Campbell, 3/25/08


IPv6 Allocations: The Tide Comes In

By Dan Campbell, 3/5/08


IPv6 Over Satellite: Pie in the Sky?

By Dan Campbell, 2/27/08


Comments on an IP Address Trading Market

By Dan Campbell, 2/15/08


IPv6: Do as I Say or Do as I Do?

By Dan Campbell, 2/9/08


As IPv6 Deploys, Will We Look Back on NAT as the Ugly Stepsister or Unsung Hero?

By Dan Campbell, 2/4/08


Don't be alarmed by IPv6's declining numbers

By Dan Campbell, Network World, 2/1/07



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IPv6 Transition Services

After more than a decade in development, IPv6 is finally making its move to become the foundation of the next generation Internet.  By overcoming IPv4 address limitations, optimizing the protocol and providing advanced features, IPv6 is poised to be the next wave in networking.  International activity continues to expand with many Governments providing tax incentives or other funding to foster IPv6 development.  The U.S. Government has mandated that its agencies begin the transition, with core networks demonstrating IPv6 capabilities by June 2008.


The transition will not be easy and will likely take the next decade to complete.  For that period and probably much longer, IPv6 and IPv4 will coexist in "dual-stack" mode, presenting a host of challenges.


Millennia Systems focuses on IPv6 Transition Services with a suite of service offerings to help you make a successful transition.


  • IPv6 Business Case Development

  • IPv6 Transition Planning

  • IPv6 Service Development

  • IPv6 Requirements Analysis

  • IPv6 Inventory and Readiness Assessment

  • IPV6 Network Architecture and Design

  • IPv6 Address Acquisition and Management Planning

  • IPv6 Service Provider Evaluation

  • IPv6 Project Management

  • IPv6 Integration and Testing

  • IPv6 Operations Planning and Training

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