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03/17/2009   Washington Technology

SRA to support GAO tech systems

Millennia Systems to continue as subcontractor



Press Releases


03/18/2009   Millennia Systems to Support GAO




Published Articles


10/21/2009   Navy puts satellite broadband platform to the test   GCN   Defense Systems

08/28/2009   Defining Broadband

08/24/2009   Broadband Giants Stay Neutral on Network Funding

08/24/2009   DoD Updates IPv6 Standards Profile   GCN   FCW   Defense Systems   Wash Tech

06/17/2009   Marines deploy WAN optimization to smooth HQ relocation in Iraq

06/08/2009   ICANN, Verisign, agencies collaborate on securing the Internet's root DNS

06/08/2009   NOAA to build new satellite ops center

05/14/2009   Satellite Broadband, Stimulus Funds and Network Neutrality

04/30/2009   ARIN again warns of IPv4 address depletion, encourages IPv6 adoption

03/31/2009   NIST seeks comments on IPv6 testing guidelines

03/05/2009   NASA, Cisco collaborate on global environmental monitoring

02/11/2009   GSA delays top-level DNSSEC deployment

01/22/2009   Change streamed worldwide during inauguration

01/16/2009   InfoWeapons SolidDNS recieves DISA ceritification

01/15/2009   DISA certifies DNSsec IPv6 appliance

12/02/2008   Malware targets U.S. military computers

11/22/2008   Military satellite networks get boost

10/31/2008   Routers at risk

10/21/2008   A team effort against ID theft

09/22/2008   Amtrak deploys video surveillance system

09/19/2008   USPS to deploy IPv6-capable video surveillance

09/10/2008   Japan, U.S., China are leading sources of Web attack traffic

09/05/2008   Glitch tarnishes Chrome browser

08/20/2008   IPv6 gets a workout at Olympics

08/07/2008   Battlefield Knowledge Management

07/14/2008   FCC and Comcast: Reasonably Vague

06/27/2008   Indian Affairs website reconnected

06/09/2008   Defense Department demonstrates compliance with OMB IPv6 mandate 

06/03/2008   Gradual move to IPv6 makes time to address security threats  

05/30/2008   USGS casts the Internet into local waters

05/22/2008   DHS moves to strengthen domain name servers

05/21/2008   Amtrak to upgrade traffic control

04/28/2008   NSA seeks feedback on IPv6 security recommendations

04/08/2008   CAIDA and ARIN Release IPv6 Survey

04/08/2008   NIST verifies wireless PIV technology
   Army network gets some PEP

04/07/2008   FBI celebrates centennial with Web site

04/04/2008   Cisco Speaks at FOSE on IPv6 Enterprise Architecture Transition

04/03/2008   Justice, Commerce warn of Web 2.0 and 3.0 security risks

04/02/2008   This RAID isn't bug spray

04/02/2008   New gadget erases data-security risks

04/02/2008   Surge in federal IPv6 addresses

04/02/2008   A key to IPv6 transition
04/02/2008   Alexandria, Va., police leverage advanced wireless
04/02/2008   Mobile Security to go
04/01/2008   Greener data centers

04/01/2008   Content-centricity key to DOD communications
03/25/2008   NIST unveils tool to foil attacks via DNS

03/05/2008   IPv6 Allocations: The Tide Comes In

03/05/2008   It's March Madness Time and I Want My IPTV!

02/28/2008   On Comcast and Net Neutrality: Shouting Fire in a Theater

02/27/2008   IPv6 Over Satellite: Pie in the Sky?

02/15/2008   Comments on an IP Address Trading Market

02/14/2008   As the Comcast Saga Unfolds, Be Careful What You Wish For

02/09/2008   IPv6: Do as I Say or Do as I Do?

02/04/2008   As IPv6 Deploys, Will We Look Back on NAT as the Ugly Stepsister or Unsung Hero?

01/28/2008   Client-based WDS: Providing Application Acceleration in Mobile and VPN Environments

04/05/2007   WAN Optimization: Management challenges arise as traditional boundaries blur

02/01/2007   Don't be alarmed by IPv6's declining numbers




Interviews and Quotes


05/19/2008   WAN optimisation 'crosses the disciplines'  Zycko

05/14/2008   IPv6: The Next Generation  By Michael Lowry, Web Hosting Articles

02/11/2008   Few vendors are walking the IPv6 walk  ITBusinessEdge

12/01/2007   Riverbed WAN Optimization Case Study

04/12/2007   Wrestling with Management Challenges  By Ann Bednarz, Network World



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