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Program and Project Management

While your staff resources and operating budget seem to be under constant squeeze, your list of projects continues to grow.  New projects are added faster than existing tasks are completed.  As projects pile up, resources become even more constrained, exacerbating the issue.  You cannot bring in permanent tactical resources to supplement your staff, yet your milestone delivery dates are rapidly approaching.  You could use short-term assistance to orchestrate projects, drive deliverables and direct staff to successfully complete milestones.

Millennia Systems has vast experience in managing a wide variety of projects, from product development to service architecture creation, from network integration to operational turnover and process development.  Millennia staff have managed complex projects with strict budgets and tight timeframes.  Millennia staff have experience in executing the complex tasks that arise during a merger and acquisition of two companies, tasks that are not only resource-intensive but must unfold in a corporate atmosphere that is undergoing change.

Millennia Systems understands the challenges you face.  Let us face them with you.

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